Here is a list of software packages that I make publicly available.

  • TrieCode: An implementation of the trie data structure. The program is in cweb format, so you can read it online. (pdf) (sources) (added on 11/16/08)
  • hyperbolic: A GRASP code to solve the hyperbolic function problem. The package comes with the problem, and a set of instances used in our paper (see publications). You can also read the code (in PDF format), generated using LaTeX and my cwebnotangle set of scripts. (added on 9/8/04)
  • wppc: A windows version of the network optimizer to the point-to-point connection problem. Great for teaching in OR classes. Source code in C for Windows. (zipped).
  • fap: A sample program to solve the minimum interference frequency assignment problem (not yet completed, but functional). (zipped).